Trent Stephens

Worked with Tim and he was very friendly and accommodating in getting me and my family into a vehicle. Extremely easy to work with and would recommend.

Troy Beal

Very knowledgeable about every vehicle he sells. Instead of trying to sell you something that you don't want he listens and tells you what he has that might fit your needs.

Mario Gonzales

I have already bought 3 vehicles from Tom they all work great

Heidi CG

Purchased a 2014 Cadillac ATS for $7999. Great deal for the price and Tom is a pleasure to work with and so helpful. I have bad credit and I got financed!


So, I had been driving my first non convertible vehicle for 3 years, and it finally had enough at 300k miles. Well I decided that I really don't dig driving a car that isn't a convertible so much. Now I have owned several different makes/models as convertibles are all I've ever driven. My favorite thud far has been the Chrysler Sebring of which I've owned 3 so far. So I jumped on my computer and began my search. It was a long and depressing search no sebrings to be found that were in my purchasing budget... until FINALLY I stumbled onto Kevin's classic cars. There awaited my 2008 Sebring! I called right away even though it was Saturday and left a message praying that nobody bought it before me! I was called back by Matthew, who is at the San Marcos location. And talking with him was like running into an old friend you hadn't seen in forever. We talked at length about my car that was in his possession. You know, as an older woman, she definitely had some bumps, and maybe a couple scars that were noteworthy and I suppose for some, they would have been a deal breaker. Matthew made sure he shared all of that information with me before I ever drove out to see him. Our conversation was very easygoing and full of Matthews great sense of humor and charisma. No shortage of mine either, but thats a whole different story for a whole diff we rent day! So, I decided i needed to go get my car, and by wednesday did just that! Lo and behold, there were some hiccups with my paperwork, and in his laid back easygoing way, Matthew guided me through fixing the issues and moving the process forward. Both he and Tom, the general manager were so freakin nice! Like we all know how sleazy some used car salesmen can be, right? There was none of that here! They worked below my budget for the down payment and for the monthly payment as well. They were personable and just...I don't know, it was more like dealing with family friends than anything else! At first i was a bit put off because i had to go to Wimberley to sign my paperwork before taking the car, but by the time I left i was glad i did, because that was how I met Tom! I would 1000% recommend going here for your used c a r purchase! I was ready to buy my car and still hang out! Tom explained all of the paperwork before I signed it, and discussed how to handle things if I run into difficulty making the payment and everything. I look forward to a long relationship with these people!